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Unobtrusive Presence


Our goal at Flower + Oak is to capture the day beautifully while staying unintrusive. We embrace the "fly on the wall" approach, allowing us to document the day in an unobtrusive manner.


Authenticity Above All


We emphasize authenticity in our wedding videography. It's essential to reflect the unique personality and preferences of each couple. We avoid anything cheesy unless explicitly requested by the couple.

Focus on Meaningful Moments


Our primary focus is on what truly matters: the bonds between family and friends, those quiet, intimate moments between the couple, and special gestures like a father's heartfelt gift to his daughter. While cinematic shots are valuable, never compromise capturing these genuine moments for anything else.


Consistency is Key


At Flower + Oak, we prioritize consistency among all our creative team members. These guidelines ensure that our approach remains consistent, allowing every couple to receive what we've promised to deliver. It's a collective effort to work as a cohesive team and achieve this goal.

Low-Key and Candid


Our wedding film packages typically involve a single videographer, aligning with our clients' preference for a low-key and candid approach. We aim to create a natural and intimate atmosphere, where the couple can enjoy their day without feeling like they're at the center of a grand production. This approach helps us capture genuine and heartfelt moments.


  • Cameras: You should have at least two full-frame cameras capable of shooting in 4K at both 24fps and 60fps. It's highly preferred that these camera bodies match.

  • Lenses: Equip yourself with two lenses within the 24-200mm focal length range, and anamorphic lenses are also acceptable.

  • Support Gear: Bring along two tripods or one tripod along with a monopod or gimbal for stable shots.

  • Audio Equipment: Have a minimum of three wireless or body-pack lavalier microphones for comprehensive audio coverage. Also make sure you have a audio recorder to plug into the soundboard.

  • Cabling: Ensure you have XLR, ¼”, ⅛”, and RCA cables to connect and adapt your audio equipment as needed.

  • Additional Equipment: A drone capable of shooting in 4K at either 30fps or 60fps. With this setup, you should be well-equipped to capture high-quality video and audio for your projects, both on the ground and from the air with the drone.

  • Note about gimbal footage: There is more possibility for error when operating a gimbal, so it is easier to miss what’s important. Please make sure you have a lot of gimbal experience, and pay attention to getting slow, steady shots.

Make sure to also invest in appropriate storage solutions and spare batteries to ensure uninterrupted shooting.


  • For all formal events, it's essential to have a minimum of three reliable audio sources. These sources can include lapel mics, soundboard feeds, or other suitable alternatives, along with additional backups for added security.

  • Having redundancy in your audio sources is crucial, as you can never have too many backups. Ideally, your primary source should be a lapel mic on the groom, the officiant, the reading station and plugging into the house or DJ audio, while omni microphones can serve as secondary backups when needed.

  • Throughout the day, both of your cameras should continuously record audio. This is not only for synchronization but also to capture natural ambient sound.

  • Keep in mind that all audio devices, including camera audio, should record at a sample rate of 48kHz to ensure proper compatibility with our syncing software.

  • While wireless transmitters and receivers are acceptable, always have a dependable backup on hand in case of signal dropouts or interruptions.

  • Ensure that you always carry headphones to monitor your audio feeds in real-time.

  • For external audio recording, we recommend using a Zoom H4N or an equivalent recorder.

  • When it comes to body-pack lavs, consider options such as the Tascam DR-10L or the Rode Wireless GO for capturing high-quality audio.


  • Resolution: Set your cameras to a minimum of 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.

  • Picture Profile: A standard or neutral profile to provide greater flexibility in post-processing.

  • Frame Rates: Use 60fps for all b-roll and photoshoots. The use of 24fps is optional for ceremony and reception formalities. 

  • Audio Quality: Record audio at 48kHz to ensure high-quality sound capture for your videos.

  • Duel SD Card Recording: Enable dual SD card recording as a precautionary measure to ensure backup footage in case of corruption.


Pricing & Packages (720 × 480 px) (1920 × 1080 px) (Your Story) (1920 × 1080 px).jpg


Highlight Film (5-10 Minutes):

Our primary focus is creating a captivating 5-10 minute highlight film, with an average duration of around 4-6 minutes. This film encapsulates the essence of the day, offering a beautiful and concise representation of their wedding.


Documentary Edit (40 Minutes to 2 Hours):

We assemble all the event footage,  including "B Roll" shots, into a comprehensive documentary edit. We ensure the entirety of each event is captured, cutting between two angles for a seamless viewing experience. Notably, the ceremony and all reception events, including special moments like reading letters, interviews, first look(s), first dance(s), cake cutting, speeches, prayers, and toasts, are presented in their full form.

Raw Footage:

For clients who desire it, we provide access to every single clip captured during the day.


There is no specific dress code outlined in the itinerary, but we kindly request that you dress in a manner similar to what you would wear when attending any other wedding. Dark clothing is generally a safe choice, as it conveys a clean and professional appearance.

Appropriate attire includes black polos, button-down shirts, blouses, simple dresses, slacks, and chinos, which offer a blend of comfort and style without being overly restrictive. It's also essential to plan your outfit with the weather in mind to ensure you are comfortable during the photo session and avoid extremes of cold or heat.

Please no jeans, casual sneakers, t-shirts, or hats, as these items are not in keeping with the desired dress code.

The itinerary will provide specific details about the wedding schedule and events, including any preferences regarding guest attire. While we don't expect you to wear a tuxedo or a gown for formal weddings, we do ask that you choose clothing that is not overly distracting from what the guests will be wearing.

If you have any questions about anything on this page please email

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